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About the Artist

Angela Sheehan is a self-taught artist. She began painting in acrylics at the age of three alongside her mother, a talented artist. She spent a lot of time in school creating characters and making up stories for her friends. Her other artistic endeavors include teaching herself guitar, bass and piano. Then writing, recording and producing her own album which sold an amazing five copies on She spent several years in California where she co-produced a puppet show. Not only did she play half the characters, but she also co-wrote scripts, created animations, artwork, and designed and handmade the puppets. The show started out on public access and ultimately ended up on Wave Cable On Demand, Maker, and KOFY in San Francisco. After the show wrapped up she joined an improv troupe and public speaking club to hone her comedy and performance skills. In 2017 she moved to the Philadelphia area and decided to try her hand at stand up. She performed at several clubs around Philadelphia, NYC and even Dublin, Ireland. Her final performance was a sold out show at The Punchline, opening for comedian Kabir Singh. She also contributed satirical pieces to The Cooper Review and other publications. She now resides in Wilmington, NC with her husband and three dogs.


Hi! I'm Angela. I'm a self-taught artist and Wilmington, NC transplant with a love of all things cute and funny. I began painting in acrylics at age 3. For as long as I can remember my mom had me painting, crafting, and making. My creative life has included everything from a televised puppet show to standup comedy and knitting. All the while, painting has been a constant. What's a Punaballoo you ask? It's a hullabaloo of puns and a silly word I made up. Punaballoo was born by accident in the middle of lockdown, during the height of the Pandemic...or should I say Pundemic? So punny. After being partially furloughed from my job and going stir-crazy I started to do some painting for fun. I decided my subject should be my immortal, succulent, Walter. When the picture was completed I asked my husband how it looked. His immediate response was “Now, put Succ it on there.” I laughed and added the requested caption. Then shared my work on Facebook. My friends and family loved my quirky style and characters, encouraging me to sell my creations.


About Punaballoo

Art with a Cause

As someone who has been deeply affected by both mental illness and trauma, it is important to me to help others heal.

That is why Punaballoo has partnered with the nonprofit organization, The Art Therapy Project. A portion of each sale will be donated to help fund the free art therapy classes they provide to those struggling with mental illness and trauma. If you’d like to learn more please take a moment to read their mission statement and please donate if you can!

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